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Custom Video Farm


Select the model

Select if a specific couple should shoot together

Select the location where the video will be shot

Select the length of the custom video

Select here what you want the model to do in the video, if it’s not listed here, you can write it in the script field below

Please write here on what should happen in the video. For example, feet focused, peeing outdoors and masturbate etc. Also if you have custom requests on clothing or toys, please write it here and also send the link. Don’t forget to add the price of the clothes/toys etc in the field below, so I can buy it.

If you have a special wish, you can add an amount here on what extra you would pay. For example if you want that the model shoot with specific clothes, then send us the link of that item and enter here the price of it, so we can buy it. The price entered is in €

Important information on shootings on the farm *

Shootings on the farm take place on warm summer months, usually mid May till mid September. Excluded from this are shootings in the barn, because that could be heated. Also for outdoor shootings and shootings on the farm in general, the weather must fit, we can’t shoot when it’s raining. In some cases (Cowshed and Manurepit) we might shoot the video, when we shoot our regular videos there. However we always inform you when we have a date to shoot your custom video.

With this product, you will earn
500 in Dung Rewards
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