Betty Loves Manure Release and Clothes Auction


Our new video with the beautiful and amazing Betty is here. It was simply great working with her. She is a wonderful person and she loves what she does.

Manure or cow dung was a first for her, but the result shows that she likes that too. We had a lot of fun during our shooting and this is important, because this is how the best videos are created.

I feel I also should address the price increase or in general the prices.

First of all, as I said before, this is a passion for me. I’ve this kind of fetish for nearly or even more then 16 years now and many of you know, that there is nothing else out there (except Lord of the Dung and some other short clips). Which is truely sad. 

If you haven’t already you can read here how I got in to cow dung and what inspired me to start a business with it. 

So back to the prices. The production costs are high, at least for that niche. They are not even close to what top porn production companies spend on their videos. The problem however is simply the range and customer base. The customer base is small, their might be thousands of people who might like this type of content but to reach them is the problem.

I can’t place ads on other websites because of the type of the content we offer. Normal porn sites like Pornhub, xHamster etc. don’t allow our niche with them.

If we would produce “normal” porn and not dung or manure related one, we would have many more possibilities to run ads.

So I have to rely on Twitter, ThisVid and other Tube sites to promote our content, which helps but still a small range. So far this works for us and we can keep going and produce more. I still have to maintain my normal job, but that is fine with me, as long as I can keep going to produce more content.

However, the current pricing, is the result of our short customer reach. Which will change over time, but that’s the situation for now.

So currently If you decide to buy a video from us, you directly support us and the next production. I hope you can understand our current situation and process.

Betty loves manure release

If you liked Aiyana Queen of the Dung, then you will loves this even more. Betty is just one of a kind performer. She gives really everything in her solo video.

In her video, she’s wearing a pink lace dress, summer sandals and has her purse with the toy in it with her.

Scenes Betty Loves Manure contains:

  • Getting her dress dirty
  • smearing cow dung all over herself
  • licking dung off her finger and off of the dildo
  • submerging herself multiple times
  • stuffing her pussy with cow dung and pressing/pulling it out
  • fucking her pussy with the dildo
  • fucking her ass with the dildo
  • masturbating, fingering her pussy
  • squirt orgasm

The Video is available in Full HD and ULTRA HD and is 46 minutes long.

I hope you enjoy the video with Betty and a little tease, in her next video she won’t be alone anymore 😉

Betty loves manure teaser

Auction of the clothes

We have been asked several times now. Also we started a vote on Twitter if there is interest in the worn clothes of our models.

The result and emails were pretty clear, that you are open to that Idea and would like to get the cow dung drenched clothes.

This is a testing phase now. We will offer this for our video shootings with Betty. So you can get her clothes and/or the clothes she is shooting with.

There will be only one piece of the clothes or accessory, this will be a unique piece worn or used during the shooting as seen in the videos.

Due to the nature of being it only one piece of each item, we will sell them in an auction on our site. So everyone who has interest in it has the chance to bid on it.

After you’ve one the auction, we need a address to sent it to you. The package will be neutral/anonym. So that nobody knows what is shipped to you. The items were sealed in a bag directly after the shooting, so they stay fresh and untouched. We will send it to you extra carefully packed. So that no smell or liquid can escape from it.

There will be a separate post in the news section and also on Twitter and per Email (if you’ve sigend up) when the auction will start.

Items on the auction

Here are the items which will be on the auction. Each Item gets their own auction.

  • The Pink dress, size M (85% polyester, 15% cotton)
  • The Sandals, EU size 37 (leather, synthetics)
  • The Purse (straw, leather)
  • The Pink doublesided dildo, 35cm

7 thoughts on “Betty Loves Manure Release and Clothes Auction

  1. mad23 says:

    superb video, thank you for your commitment.
    Mention the next video with Betty, will it be released this year, will it be accompanied by a man or a woman, and finally will it be a hard or soft video?
    Thank you in advance and good luck.

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