Carrie’s Surprise Weekend at the Farm

Carries Surprise Weekend at the Farm

I was so excited! My Daddy told me to take the long weekend off of work because he had a surprise weekend planned. I tried to get a hint from Daddy about the surprise- but he wouldn’t tell me. I knew better than to ask more than once. He even told me not to pack anything that it was all taken care of. Daddy woke me up in the morning and told me to get in the shower, to take my time and be sure I was well shaved. When I was finished and walked into the bedroom I saw my thick leather collar, a tight white tank top and miniskirt. I knew then my surprise weekend was beginning. I started to dress but Daddy stopped me. In my excitement and nervousness I didn’t wait for permission to get dressed. Daddy told me to lay on the floor – on my back, so I knew what that meant. Daddy was putting me in a thick diaper for the adventure. He teased my clit while telling me what a nasty weekend he had planned and my heart was pounding. When he dressed me and collared me, I was mortified, my diaper was an obvious bulge under my skirt and he purposely had the plastic peeking out the top, which he knows humiliates me in public. But of course, I obliged and Daddy grabbed a travel bag and we walked to the car.

I realized we were going to the airport, but Daddy was silent the whole time, leaving me to my thoughts. Once we arrived and checked in at the airport the clerk confirmed our flights to Germany. I couldn’t believe it! If we were going to Germany there was only one reason why! My manure fantasies were finally going to come true! I couldn’t help but flush and squirm. Daddy gave me an evil smile and a wink and patted my diapered butt right there. I knew the other travelers were staring. My nipples were rock hard with Daddy’s hand on my ass. He grabbed my hand and we walked to TSA and he kept looking over, clearly enjoying my state of disbelief, excitement and humiliation. When we went through security all eyes were on me as I was asked to remove my collar for screening. Daddy unhooked me and after walking through I was chosen for a pat down. The female agent was of course sexy, and smirked when she patted my diaper and loudly asked what it was. I had to announce in the crowded airport that I wear diapers, which was clearly obvious to all. I was so relieved to finally take our seats. Daddy kissed me on the forehead and told me he wanted to make my every fantasy come true. He told me I finally proved I would be a good manure slut, so it was time to show me off. And so began our journey to the farm in Germany.

Daddy was the first person that I was able to admit my manure fetish to when we met a year ago. For years I would lay home alone at night searching for the nastiest porn I could find. Sloppy cow manure was always my favorite! I clearly remember the day I managed to admit my secret and nasty fetish. I told him- the nastier the better! Daddy found a local farm and each Friday we would go collect cow manure from the farmer. Weekends were our play time. Our first experience Daddy filled a big glass bowl with the sloppy cow manure. Just watching him stir the collection of stinky manure made my pussy hot. He ordered me on my hands and knees grabbed my hair tightly, bound my hands behind my back and held my face inches above the manure. He slowly dipped my face in just enough to cover my nose and lips. Held me over the pile of dung for what seemed like an eternity. I knew my face would be fully submerged and the anticipation made me squirm and moan. Daddy was enjoying my depravity and started teasing my clit. He told me to beg for it. He spanked my bare ass over and over again until I was screaming to be a manure sewer slut. After countless screams he plunged my face and head into the huge bowl. It was so thick, I could feel it cling to my face. Big chunks of cow dung fell off my face as he lifted my head up and I gasped. Over and over my face was dipped in the slurry and covered. My pussy was dripping wet and Daddy knew it. He straddled me from behind and I felt him slide deep inside my cunt. As I opened my mouth wide to scream he shoved me back into the smelly cow dung and this time I got a mouthful. I tried to spit it out but Daddy covered my mouth and said “swallow bitch”. I gulped down the thick slop and could barely breathe when I had an explosive orgasm. That was the beginning of our manure obsession. After that we bought an inflatable hot tub filled with cow dung for daily baths and training. Daddy said he was training me to be a manure slut. On our next messy adventure he attached ankle and wrist chains to our wooden fence and would leave me tied up naked and vulnerable as emptied bucket after bucket on my head. He would throw a full bucket that would slap my face and slowly drip down. After a year of our own manure fun, I was going to the farm!

Finally the plane landed in Germany and I looked at Daddy asking what was next. He grabbed my hand, kissed my forehead and said to follow him, more instructions to come. At this point my diaper had leaked after the long flight and I had a huge wet mark on my white skirt. My nipples were erect as they were the entire flight. Between the excitement and cold air on the plane they were aching from staying hard so long. Finally we were almost out the door to the curb when Daddy told me to go take my nasty diaper off and to hurry. As I came out of the bathroom Daddy had my leash in his hand. He clasped it onto my collar and said “follow me, our adventure begins now”.

Daddy led me out the door to a black town car. The back window rolled down and a beautiful blonde was in the back seat. She smile coyly at me and said- “ look at this manure slut!”. Daddy exchanged pleasantries with the male driver and Daddy handed my leash to the sexy woman in the back with a thick German accent. As soon as I sat down she yanked on my leash and slipped a blindfold over my eyes. She ripped my white tank top down the middle and my nipples were exposed and still hard. She spread legs open and demanded I keep them that way. She told me her name was Miss Emily and she had permission from my Daddy to use me the whole weekend. As she was talking her finger gently massaged my clit and a loud moan to escape from my mouth. She groped and teased me the entire ride. Once the car parked and turned off – I was ordered to stay in the car as the others got out. I knew we made it to the farm because I could smell the stinky manure. Finally, my back door opened and Miss Emily said:

“now, my slut, the fun begins- welcome to the farm! We have all been looking forward to your visit. The cows are prepped and ready and my farm hands can’t wait to meet you” .

When I stepped out of the car, Miss Emily ordered me on my hands and knees. Luckily, the grass was soft and cool. I could smell fresh air, but the thick stench of cow dung also filled the air. It made my pussy quiver as I crawled through the grass and the stench became stronger and stronger. Finally Miss Emily yanked my leash to stop me dead in my tracks. She lifted my skirt up and ripped my tank top off completely. She grabbed my hair with her fist and lowered my face, I knew by the stench there was a pile of cow dung very close to me- it was all i could smell. She lowered my face and my nose was pushed into a thick, wet cold pile of manure. She held it there until I could barely breathe- I had my lips closed tightly as they brushed the manure. Then, she finally yanked me up by the hair and I was gasping for air. I was still blindfolded so couldn’t see anything, but I heard several men laughing and talking among each other loudly.

She led me on the leash again and I could hear Daddy talking to the man from the car, he was whispering so I wasn’t clear on what he said, but when Miss Emily stopped me again she ordered me to keep my mouth open this time and stick my tongue out. I moaned and shook my head no. Without a word or a warning, I felt an intense crop on my bare ass. I yelped and moaned in pain. Miss Emily asked me again to stick out my tongue. Hesitantly and slowly, I stuck my tongue out. She said “you can do better than that you little manure whore” and another loud crack followed and I felt my eyes sting with tears. Daddy rubbed my ass and told me to be a good babygirl and listen to Miss Emily.

Finally I submitted, and stuck my tongue out and opened my mouth as my whole face plunged into a huge pile of dung, slurry and slop. I could taste the filth and it filled my nose. When she pulled me up this time I could feel large clumps of dung sticking to my face. My onlookers cheered and laughed some more and I was completely humiliated. I was spitting and drooling cow manure trying to empty my mouth.

Miss Emily laughed and I felt the crop rub and slap my clit, I was so turned on by the smell, the feeling, the humiliation and now she was teasing my pussy. “You like that you little dung slut”. I moaned and nodded yes. After walking me through the pasture to several cow patties I felt hay on my knees and much needed warmth. My nipples were rock hard. I heard the restless cows and knew they were surrounding me, but I was glad to be in the barn and warm!

Miss Emily told me how pathetic I looked and made me open my mouth to show her how dung it was. When I opened my mouth to show her, she pushed a huge wet handful in my mouth, my mouth was so full of dung I gagged and gagged drooling hot brown cow dung and whimpering. She said that was a taste of what is to come tomorrow in the barn. Still blindfolded and leashed, but standing she pushed me against the barn wall and spread my legs for me.

I felt her cuff my ankles, then my wrists to the barn wall. I was still spitting and gagging as she removed my blindfold. Daddy came and kissed me and told me how proud of me he was. I moaned pathetically as I realized 10 farm hands were staring, pointing and laughing in the middle of probably 100 cows. Miss Emily grabbed a hose and started hosing me down while tied to the wall.

The water was freezing cold and the pressure slapped my face and I felt the dung run down my face and naked body as she cleaned me off. She moved closer and kept the forceful spray on my throbbing clit which made me moan and scream. She finally finished- I was freezing and my exposed nipples were so hard they ached. She threw towels at the crowd that was watching my depravity and three of them came over and started drying me off. I was grateful to be clean and dry, finally! Then Miss Emily told them to have a little fun with me. I was being groped from every direction. My enormous tits were manhandled, nipples pinched and clit massaged. I was overwhelmed by all the sensations and was pleading with Daddy with my eyes. All he did was smile and wink at me. He clearly enjoyed the men mauling me. Although against my will I found myself aching with pleasure. As my moans turned to screams Miss Emily told them to stop. She said “there will be plenty of time to use our manure slut tomorrow”.

She smiled at me and spit in my face as she told me I was a great little farm whore and that I needed rest because she had a big day planned for their barn slave tomorrow. She uncuffed me and when I was finally free I fell into Daddy’s arms. He held me tight and told me he was so proud of me as I whimpered. I still tasted fresh cow dung in my mouth as Daddy kissed me passionately. He led me to the corner of the barn, where I saw a blanket and two pillows. Miss Emily told me to get some sleep because the farmhands would be back early and she had a big day planned for me.

I was so exhausted, I happily laid on the ground knowing it too, was covered in manure. I laid on my Daddy’s chest as he laid beside me and rubbed my hair and kissed me on the forehead. He told me he loved me very much and I was such a good girl. That the manure fun was just beginning, but he was very proud of his manure slut. As we laid on a cold pile of manure we snuggled and I fell asleep in my Daddy’s arms.

DAY 2….to be continued!!

14 thoughts on “Carrie’s Surprise Weekend at the Farm

  1. Carrie says:

    HEY GUYS! It’s me Carrie- and, YES!! I will be submitting part 2 soon. All sorts of filthy ideas in my twisted little mind:) can’t wait to share!!

  2. Carrie Lynn says:

    Hi everyone! It’s Carrie, I’m sharing this story with a filthy stranger, who is hopefully REAL in the states. Life since covid has been crazy and stressful. This little piggy is ready to be filthy. I AM going to start part 2. I haven’t even begun to talk about the barn and all the farm helpers waiting inside for me… UPDATED on 12/19/2022. It’s gonna sloppy weekend!

  3. KonradK2000 says:

    Excellent story! I liked it a lot. Works perfectly as a stand-alone story albeit a second part would have been nice. But since it is not going to happen I enjoyed what is there!

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