Winter break

Winter break

Winter break

From now on we are in the winter break, as it has unfortunately become too cold for photo shoots and video shoots.

We did a lot this year, from the successful launch in July to the first photo shoot with a female model. Since July we also shot five videos, which weren’t actually planned this way, but we still realized them.

We would also like to thank you for the many positive comments and mails we received, which shows us that we are going in the right direction.

As many of you know, we had planned a video shoot with one of our female models for this year. Unfortunately it took some time to make an appointment and there were some minor problems. It has gone so far that we can’t make a video this year, because we don’t want our models to bear the temperature of the slurry. During the video shooting of “The Voice” the slurry already had just a little over 10 °C and that was already borderline for me and I can’t expect a lady to do that.


What will happen in 2020?


In the coming year, as soon as the temperatures allow it, we will immediately start shooting the video. With our model, which we have planned for the first video shoot, everything has been agreed so far, here really only the temperature stands in our way.

Of course there will still be videos with me, but of course we are also planning to take external male models in the future. We have received extremely many letters from interested people and of course want to implement this as soon as possible.

The winter break only means that we won’t make any video shoots or photo shoots, but we will still be active, erotic stories will be published and emails and general messages will be answered. There will also be some discount campaigns, just subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date.


  • Anon on October 17, 2019

    Can’t wait to see the content coming next year! Love the stories too, keep those coming!

  • Nik on November 5, 2019

    Will Emily still be filming?

    • ManureFetish on November 6, 2019

      We might plan to film with her in the future, but for the video which is planned when the temperaturs are back up we have another model.

      • Anon on January 2, 2020

        You many not be able to say this but is the model you’re hoping to film with in the new year going to be submerging in it or just playing around in it?

        • ManureFetish on January 2, 2020

          She will completely submerge 😉

          • Anon on January 3, 2020

            And when will this be… 😏

          • ManureFetish on January 3, 2020

            when the temperatures are high enough to start shooting again.

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