Vote for the next video

Vote for the next video

As a little special we will let you vote for the next video from this season in the cowshed. You can select one video of the following five, the video with the most voteesΒ  will then be released in June.

Trailer of the upcoming videos


Pick one of the following video then you can submit your vote at the end of the page. You can do this anonymously or while signed in in your account.

3 thoughts on “Vote for the next video

  1. chicagohippychick says:

    way to go Manure Fetish for doin what nobody else dares to!
    it makes me wish i lived out your way so i could sign up for a Strip & Dip 😍

  2. Kjell says:

    Really hot content !!
    Way to go manure fetish !
    Would love to play there in a movie !!!
    Not that farm from belgium

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