Valentine’s Day Sale

valentine's day sale

Our Valentine’s Day sale has started. From now on untill the 15th February (00:00 CET)* our sale is live.

10 % discount on nearly every product. But that is not all, you will receive a bulk discount for each additional product you add to your shopping cart.

For the second product you will receive 15 %

For the third product you will receive 20 %

For the fourth product you will receive 25 %

These discounts stack with the base sale discount. For example if you have two items in your cart you will receive 25 %, for the third item 30 % and with for items your total discount would be 35 %.

If you have coupons or discount codes from us, you can use them, however then the Valentine’s Day Sale discount won’t apply. Both cannot be combined.

Our latest release Niko is Disgusted is not included in the sale.


*We’ve extend our sale till the 22nd February.

Valentines day sale trailer

Valentine's Day sale ends in...


Here are some products from the sale

18,99 28,99 
17,99 27,00 
19,00 28,00 
14,99 24,99 
From: 62,47 
17,99 27,99 
16,99 26,99 

Cow Dung

Sissy Franky

16,99 26,99 
38,99 49,99 
26,99 36,99 
24,99 34,99 
17,99 27,99 
12,99 22,99 

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