Two New Lyndra Lynn Peggings Videos


We’ve two new videos from Lyndra Lynn for you. Both of them are pegging videos from her. The first one being “Filthy Pegging” where it gets a little bit dirty throughout the video and the second one “His Anal Pleasure”.

Lyndra Lynn - Filthy Pegging

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Lyndra Lynn Filthy Pegging Trailer

Full Video description

This time I want to push him and myself further. I begin to finger his asshole with one, two, three and then four fingers. Then I grab the big dragon shaped dildo and stretch his asshole with that. After he’s loose enough, I begin to fuck him with the big strapon, after I pulled the stapron out of his ass, I see that it’s not clean. So I tell him he should push everything out. I cover his ass and legs with it, then I start to fist his asshole again. I take some of his brown cream to cover my tits with it, I love being filthy too. Then I jerk him off hard, till we switch in 69, where he first has a nice view of my pussy and asshole from behind and then dives right in to lick my asshole while I jerk him off till he shoots his load.     

Lyndra Lynn his anal pleasure

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Lyndra Lynn his anal pleasure trailer

Full Video description

I wanted to give him some anal pleasure, to let him experience how nice it is to get fucked in the ass. I begin to lube up his asshole and slowly pushing one and then two finger into him while I begin to jerk his cock. Then I grab the first dildo to penetrate him. After I’ve stretched his asshole, I take the second vibrating dildo to fuck him a bit harder with hit. His cock is already dripping with precum. Now it’s time for the large 30cm strapon. I push it slowly in as he moans with pleasure. I start to fuck him slowly but building up speed with each thrust. When he’s really close, I jerk him till he shoots his big load. 

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