Sun and Dung Bathing out now


A new video with our lovely Betty and two very handsome men. The video is 39 minutes long and available in Full HD & Ultra HD. There will also be an auction later on.

Summary of Sun and Dung Bathing

The is 36 Minutes long. Betty wears a nice bathing suit and the two men bathing shorts. The video takes place outdoors in a boat filled with cow dung.

  • Betty smears the dung sunscrean on their faces
  • Betty empties herself on their faces
  • All three are going in the manure boat now.
  • Betty begins to suck both of their cocks
  • Both men empty themselves
  • Betty gets covered in lots and lots of cow dung
  • They begin to fuck Betty in missionary and switch positions
  • They fuck in various positions inside of the boat and outside on the blankets
  • Betty uses the dildo on one of the guys, while she gets fingered by the other
  • Betty receives her final cumshot
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Sun and Dung Bathing Trailer

Full Video description

Scati Own and Shouldercrest were sunbathing, but then Betty came with a special sunscreen. She spread the cow manure over their faces. But the sun protection factor wasn’t high enough, so she got on top of them and emptied herself on their faces and smeared it afterwards. The two are now extremely horny, so they grabbed and took Betty into the manure boat. Betty grabbed the two cocks to suck them. Also the two men emptied themselves on Betty as well. Now they fucked Betty through. First on the blanket, then in the manure boat. Scati Own wanted something special though, so Betty grabbed the dildo and rammed it in. Meanwhile, Shouldercrest took care of Betty. Then Scati Own gave her another good load on her mouth. Then the two men got dressed, since they weren’t done sunbathing yet. Betty herself enjoyed her dung bath in the boat.

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