Quick fun in the Channel

Quick fun in the Channel



So here we are again, some quick fun in manure, this time it’s a fair short video but, this shows a small part of the new beautiful location. I had to try out my new location, so I just hopped in and had some fun. Brought also as always my beloved toy the inflatable buttplug. This video is quite short, you see me hop in in it, pump up the plug a few times, then smearing the creamy dung all over myself, after that I submerge myself in the channel. In the end I start pulling down my pants jerking off and get in position for the finale. This is also the location I will now use for the next photoshootings and/or videos.

This Video is based on this story Erotic Story: Michaelas Manure Channel, Claudia received some cornerstones about the new location. I really like the story, It has awakened a lust in me that I had to go myself right away.

Quick fun in the Channel Teaser

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