Pookkake out now!


Bettys new filthy gangbang Video “Pookkake” is now out of Early Acces and available for everyone.

Summary of Pookkake

Betty is wearing a nice white top and a blue jeans combined with some pink underwear. She comes in with the first out of six men.

  • All of the six men empty themselves on Betty
  • She eats a part of it and smears the rest on her face and body
  • After they’ve emptied themselves, Betty begins to suck their dicks
  • Some of the guys begin to pee on her face
  • They begin to rub and finger her pussy
  • Various sex positions, while she gets fucked she sucks some of their dicks
  • Betty is the first to climb in to the manure channel
  • She stays in the manure channel while all of the men sit around her
  • She begins to suck each of their cocksΒ 
  • After they all climb out some more fucking in various positions



49,99  – 59,99 

Pookkake Trailer

Full Video description

Bettys new extreme filthy gangbang with cowdung and more. Betty comes into the cowshed with the first of 6 men. First she pees on him, then they both switch positions. Betty lays on the ground and is waiting for his log to come out. She smears the first load from him on her face. One after another of the men come in and relieve themselves on Bettys face, she eats a bit of every load and smears the rest on her body. After all the men are finished and she’s completely covered in their filth, Betty starts to suck their cocks while masturbating at the same time. Betty gets fucked in various positions while she masturbates and sucks their cocks. Betty now climbs in the manure channel for the first time and covers herself completely in cowdung, after she climbed out, she is fucked hard again. Now they join Betty in the manure channel, where Betty submerges for the first time. She begins to suck each of the mens cocks while they sit on the edge of the manure channel. They all climb out of the manure channel together, to fuck Betty one more time.

2 thoughts on “Pookkake out now!

  1. Alex Jack says:

    We want more manure porn like this, where scat goddesses gives scat blowjob, smears scat all over their body & get fucked in the manure channel.
    Betty is a sexy goddess 😍

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