Nights out with Betty and Lyndra out now!


Betty and Lyndra Lynn together in a messy and hot lesbian adventure “Nights out with Betty and Lyndra” is now out of Early Acces and available for everyone.

Summary of Nights out with Betty and Lyndra

Betty and Lyndra Lynn both wear hot dresses ready for a hot and long party night:

  • Both sitting on the table drinking something Lyndra suggests something dirty
  • Both begin to cover themselves with slime
  • They pull on the chain and the cowshit starts flowing
  • The cow dung drops from above and covers them both
  • Betty and Lyndra are now completely covered in cowshit
  • Lyndra puts on the strapon and begins to fuck Betty in various positions
  • Both use the double dildo in the scissor position
  • Betty masturbates her pussy while Lyndra fingers her till Betty lets out a fountain of pee

Nights out with betty and lyndra trailer

Full Video description

Betty and Lyndra were on their way to a club, but Lyndra wanted to have some fun before. So they both had a little pregame. Lyndra always had a thing for Betty, so she asked Betty if she wanted to have some fun. Betty said yes, and Lyndra’s eyes lit up with joy, and the two of them made their way to the pool. There was a bucket full of white slime and they started playing with it and rubbing it on each other. They threw it at each other and laughed. Then Lyndra pulled the chain and the cow dung started flowing. Betty and Lyndra let their tops and faces covered and then helped each other get undressed. After they both covered themselves with enough cow dung Lyndra grabbed the strapon and Betty gave it a good Blowjob. After that Lyndra Lynn fucked Betty first in doggy, before Betty rode Lyndra in cowgirl. Then the double dildo was used in the scissor position. The two pushed it in and fucked each other, also without the dildo where both climaxed. Lyndra fingered Betty until a large Golden Shower came and Lyndra was ready for it, she let her face covered by it and drank some of it. At the end both poured themselves with cow dung from the bucket, while they got dressed again and sat down together on the bench.

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