New payment method cashtocode

Cashtocode new payment method

We have removed Paysafecard as a payment method from our site, as the fees here have steadily increased for the end customer.

As a replacement for Paysafecard we have now added Cashtocode. This payment method is also completely anonymous. The cashier does not see what you buy or have bought, he sees only the amount on the receipt.

Cashtocode is also as simple as Paysafecard, only with the difference that you don’t have to buy any giftcards.

In the payment process, you simply select cashtocode and you will be redirected to cashtocode, where you can select your local store or gas station that supports cashtocode.

First step find a local shop

Available stores near you which support cashtocode
On the first page of cashtocode you will see all available stores in your area.

Second step barcode and payment

The barcode, you must show this to the cashier in the store.

After the cashier has scanned the barcode and you have paid, your order is completed, completely anonymously and quickly. Also without you having a balance on the giftcard as with Paysafecard.

Cashtocode availability

Cashcode is available in following countries: Germany, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia, India, Nigeria, Canada, Australia

More information to caschtocode

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