New Feature Loyalty and Rewards System

Getting started

In our new reward system you can earn points through purchases and other activities (we will add more later on). With these points you can unlock different rewards (there will also be more in the future). You can find your Loyalty and Rewards Dashboard here. (You need to be logged in to see your points and the rewards). We also gave the points retroactive, which means if you’re with as since the begining in 2019, you also got points for your orders there. For everyone who already got discounts from our previous loyalty program, these aren’t active anymore, however since we gave out the points retroactive, you can now choose if you still want the discounts applied or choose other rewards.

Visit your loyalty and rewards dashboard


These are currently the available rewards, We will add more rewards later on, you of course also can suggest rewards which we will consider and eventually add to the system.

Early Access

This is a special feature we’ve added for our loyal customers, or for customers who purchase the points pack who want access to our Early Acces videos. With that everyone who unlocks this, will get access to our Early Access category for 1 Year (365 days), where you can purchase all unreleased videos. Throughout the year we shoot multiple ideos, in general, we release one video a month. All other unreleased videos are on our Scatbook profile or on ManurePorn available.
With our new Loyaltaly and Reward Points System, you now have also the opportunity to get access to them on ManureFetish. As always these are the full videos and available in Full HD and Ultra HD.

You can see what videos are currently unreleased in our “Early Acces” teaser category.

Custom Video rewards

Currently we offer to spend your points to unlock two different custom videos. From Franky or Lyndra Lynn (in the future more models might be added). 

These custom videos will be 30 minutes long and we will create a script  together which we then will film with the creator/model. You can also of course choose one of our locations, for example the farm with the manure channel or our new location the manure pit, however when you want a custom video on one of these locations, it will take some time to shoot time, usually we shooting during the warm summer months (June – early September).


You can also unlock different discounts. With the first one being a one time 10 € discount (The 10 € discount can be applied only once per order per code and can’t be combined with other coupon codes). Then there are three permanent discounts, starting at 10 %, 20 % and 30 %. They do not stack which means if you unlock for example the 10 % discount and later on the 30 % discount, the 30 % discount overwrites the 10 % discounts.

The discounts will be applied in your cart as a coupon code. You can also find the coupon codes in the tab “Points History”


In your Loyalty and Rewards dashboard, you will see different tabs. The first one “Points and Rewards” is where your current points balance is listed, what rewards are available to unlock, how to earn points and what rewards are available.

The tabs Achiievements and Badges, list your achieved and available achievements, currently they are purely cosmetic, in the future when you earn different badges or a specific amount of badges, you will receive also rewards.

In the referral tab, you have access to our referral system, where you also can earn points with. You can either send out emails to friends etc. which will then receive a 30 % discount on their first order. You will also receive points, when they register an account and place the first order and following orders. You also can share a referral link, which you can post anywhere you want, if you share the link you will earn points and also, the same as with email, if the user registers and places orders you will earn points too.

How to earn points?

There are different way in earning points, the most common of course is that if you buy something you will get 100 points per 1 € spent. There are additional points to an order, like 500 points per placed order and for your first ever placed order you will receive 1000 points. 

If you write product reviews you will get 3000 points, if you comment on something on ManureFetish, for example a erotic story you will receive 200 points.

If you win an auction, you will get for each item additional 5000 points.

Then you can earn points through the referral programm. You can send out emails or share your own generated referral link. With each user who registers through your referral link you will get points and also if the user places orders you will get points for it. 

Also the referred user of course get some benefits, he will receive a 30 % discount on his first order.

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