New Cowshed Season Sale and auction ending

We’re starting this Summer and this Season in the cowshed with a sale. We also still have a poll open where you can vote for the next video release on ManureFetish. In that vote we also ask for your feedback, what you want to see in our next videos and what you’ve liked or disliked in our past videos.

Cowshed season sale

Our Sale starts now with 15 % on everything (10 % on our newest releases). With additional bulk discounts if you get two or more videos. The sale will end on the 31st May 2022 at 23:59 MET.

If you have 2 products in your cart you get additionaly 10 %

If you have 3 products in your cart you get additionaly 15 %

If you have 4 products in your cart you get additinaly 20 %

For example, if you have 4 products in your cart you get a total of 35 % discount. The auctions are excluded from the sale. Also bulk discounts are not available for our cow dung bags.


Auction ends tomorrow

Don’t forget the auction is ending tomorrow Sunday the 29th at 17:00 MET. Here are the times each of the items end.


Equestrian helmet 17:00
Bettys Riding Pants 17:10
Bettys Sportshirt 17:20
Bettys Padded bra 17:30
Betty Puma panty 17:40
Bettys laced boots 17:50
Lyndras Corset 18:00
Horse Dildo 18:10
Lyndras Pink latex gloves 18:20
Lyndras Pink boots 18:30

here are some products which are currently on sale

44,99 56,99 

Cow Dung

Trash & Dung

42,99 49,99 
18,99 29,99 

Vote for the june release

All new Trailer

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