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We also have a profile on Darkfans (former Scatbook). Darkfans is a platform like OnlyFans but for all of the hardcore fetishes. We have also have all of our videos there. You can subscribe and watch all of our videos or you can buy them like on ManureFetish.

Manure Sports Cheerleader Warmup

Betty’s threesome “Manure Sports Cheerleader Warmup” is already available on our Darkfans.

Manure Sports cheerleader Warmup description

The coach had a little surprise for his player Steven. Without further ado he disappeared and then quickly came back, it was a hot cheerleader named Betty. Betty joined Steven next to the manure channel. The two began to make each other horny. At one point the player climbed over Betty and pushed out some of his brown on her face. Betty liked it  very much and she smeared his pile on her face. But Betty also had to go, so she pissed at him first and also pushed out a nice log. But the coach watched everything very closely and also filmed it secretly. Betty grabbed a load of cow dung to smear it on herself and then slowly climbed into the manure channel. She then pulled herself out of it and shoved the manure aside.. She then climbed fully out and Steven also had to pee, he directed his stream on Bettys  shitty face as she played around with her vagina. But then the coach came with his bucket. So he filled his bucket while the two were in the channel to pour the cow dung over them. But he also had some pressure and pissed Betty in the face. But that wasn’t all, he told her to get out of the channel so he could give her a nice  juicy load. She ate some of it while the other was smeared on her face. Both men were hungry for her. Betty sucked both cocks at the same time. The coach fisted and fingered her hard  and also gave her a good load of cum in the face. Betty then got into the canal as they wanted to push her down together. But that was harder than expected, so they packed some cow dung on top of her. But it wasn’t enough for the coach, he showed both of them how to really enjoy the manure channel.

Manure Sports Cheerleader Warmup trailer

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