Lyndra Lynn’s Manure Pool out now!


Lyndra Lynns new amazing video “Lyndra Lynn’s Manure Pool” is now out of Early Acces and available for everyone. It is her first time in the large manure pit.

Summary of Manure Pool

Lyndra Lynn is wearing a hot holographic bikini and already swimming around in the large manure pit on her inflatable flamingo:

  • Sitting on the flamingo swimming around in the pit
  • Getting her feet covered in cowshit
  • Sitting on the flamingo and peeing in to the manure pit
  • Covering herself with cowshit to her neck
  • Walking over to the manure pipe which comes from the cowshed
  • Letting cowshit drip down on her while she begins to masturbate
  • Swimming in the large pool of cowshit
  • Masturbating in different positions
  • Taking cowshit in to her mouth while swimming in the pool
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Lyndra Lynns Manure Pool Traiker

Full Video description

Lyndra Lynn always wanted a manure pool. Now with the large manure pit she got it. She’s already in the manure pit with her inflatable flamingo, swimming and playing around in the creamy cow dung. She’s been there for some time and with that the urge to pee comes, she pushes her bikini aside and starts to pee. Now she’s ready for some real fun. She slides down in to the manure and begins to cover her body with it. Then she pushes her flamingo over to the pipe which connects the manure pit with the cowshed. She climbs on her flamingo to be able to reach in to the pipe to grab some fresh cow dung coming from the cowshed. She uses it to cover her ass with and and smack some of it on her beautiful pussy. Now she lays on her back to begin to masturbate to her first amazing orgasm. Then she lays on her side and begins to finger her asshole, to get it ready for the double sided dildo. After she fucked her asshole with the dildo, she needs a bit of cooling, so she jumps in the creamy mess to swim a bit around in it. She has clearly fun being totally covered in cow dung. Then she gets back on her flamingo to masturbate again in Doggystyle and after that back on her side to finger fuck her asshole. After she has her final orgasm, she jumps back in the cow dung to go swimming again.

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