Lyndra and Franky – Manure Barn – Double Pleasure


We’ve got two new erotic couple videos for you. Both with Lyndra Lynn and Franky. “Manure Barn” is the first one, where Lyndra Lynn invites Franky to take a manure shower together. “Double Pleasure” is where both spice things a little bit up and using different toys like a strapon and a mouth gag with a dildo attached to it.

Both videos are 46 minutes long and available in Full HD & Ultra HD.

Summary of Lyndra and Franky Manure Barn

Lyndra Lynn is wearing a hotpants and a cute top while she leads Franky in to the barn:

  • Both sensually kiss before getting messy
  • Lyndra Lynn giving Franky a blowjob
  • Franky pulling the chain and the cowshit starts flowing
  • The dung first drops on Lyndra and then Franky
  • Both covering each other with the warm dung
  • Franky begins to lick Lyndra Lynns pussy
  • Sex in various positions, doggy, missionary, 69, facesitting
  • Both enjoy their messy time together covered in cowshit and fucking

Lyndra and Franky Manure Barn Trailer

Full Video description

Lyndra and Franky together in their first sensual cow dung time together in the barn with the manure shower. Lyndra and Franky decide to have some fun together in the barn. She was many times there using the manure shower for her pleasure. Now she invited Franky, it’s his first time together with her in the shower. Both come in and they start kissing sensually. Lyndra kneels down and starts unzipping Franky’s pants. She begins to give him a nice and long blowjob. Franky can’t wait anymore, so he pulls on the chain, which opens the valve and the cowshit begins to flow. A short time later the creamy warm manure comes out of the pipe and directly on Lyndra Lynn. She gets completely covered from head to toe. Franky begins to massage her cow dung covered boobs, while undressing her bra and top. Lyndra kneels down in the basin and Franky takes some cow dung to cover her hot ass and hotpants with it. Now Lyndra can’t wait any longer, she pulls down her pants and panty and Franky dives right in to lick her sweet pussy. He then fingers her wet hole and makes his cock ready to fuck her in missionary. Right after he begins to lick and finger her now dung covered pussy again. Now it’s Lyndras turn again, she gives him a nice blowjob with his manure-covered cock. Lyndra slides back and starts riding Franky now. Both are completely covered in cowshit and fuck each other. They switch in 69 where Lyndra pushes her asshole and pussy in Franky’s face. Both switch now in Doggy where Franky fucks her cow dung covered and stuffed pussy with his hard cock. They switch to various positions, with more blowjobs and more fucking, in another round of 69 Frankys head is nearly submerged while Lyndra sits on his face. both enjoy their lovely sensual time together.

Summary of Lyndra and Franky Double Pleasure

Lyndra Lynn is wearing a nice maid costume while she comes in with Franky. Both can’t wait to have some very dirty fun together:

  • Both kissing before the dirty fun starts
  • Lyndra Lynn stretching and fingering Frankys ass
  • Fucking him with a strapon
  • Franky pulling on the chain opening the valve while getting fucked
  • Lyndra and Franky getting covered by the cowshit from above
  • Both switch positions, Lyndra fucks Franky and Franky fucks Lyndra
  • Lyndra sitting on Frankys face and is riding the mouth gag dildo
  • Sex in various positions, Doggy, missionary, cowgirl, 69

Lyndra Lynn and Franky double pleasure trailer

Full Video description

Lyndra and Franky back together in the barn, for another round of messy erotic fun with cowshit. This time Lyndra Lynn is wearing her maid costume and a nice strapon. Lyndra starts by fingering Franky’s ass and lubing it up to make it ready for the strapon. She takes him in doggy while getting hornier herself. Franky wants to start with the messy fun, so he reaches back and pulls on the chain and the cowshit starts flowing. First Lyndra then both get covered with the steaming cow dung from above. After the flow of manure stopped, Lyndra begins to give Franky a nice dirty blowjob. Then she puts on the mouth gag with a dildo attached on Franky and sits on his face to ride the dildo. Lyndra now wants to get fucked for real, so she gets in Doggy and Franky takes her from behind, pushing her face down in to the warm manure. Right after that, Franky gets another blowjob and his balls sucked by Lyndra, then it’s another round for him to get fucked with the strapon. Lyndra lubes up his ass again and pushes it in. Then both switch in their favorite position 69, where Lyndra jerks and blows Franky’s cock, while he is eating out her pussy and ass. Both switch now in missionary where Franky slides in Lyndras warm and wet pussy.

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