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How to earn points

There are different way in earning points, the most common of course is that if you buy something you will get 100 points per 1 € spent. There are additional points to an order, like 500 points per placed order and for your first ever placed order you will receive 1000 points. 

If you write product reviews you will get 3000 points, if you comment on something on ManureFetish, for example a erotic story you will receive 200 points.

If you win an auction, you will get for each item additional 5000 points.

Then you can earn points through the referral programm. You can send out emails or share your own generated referral link. With each user who registers through your referral link you will get points and also if the user places orders you will get points for it. 

Also the referred user of course get some benefits, he will receive a 30 % discount on his first order.

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