Inspector Betty released and updated sale


Inspector Betty showered in cow dung is now available. The video is 37 minutes long and features our beautiful Betty in her first cow dung shower. Also we’ve updated our sale.

Inspector Betty showered with cow dung

Inspector Betty got a contract to check and approve the new manure shower. First she checked the pipe and then the chain, so far everything seemed to be okay. She then pulled a little harder to see if everything would work, but then the slurry already started flowing. She didn’t expect it and it literally poured out of the pipe. Her clothes were completely soaked. But Betty didn’t really mind and took off her clothes to enjoy the warm shower with cow dung. It ran down everywhere and she seemed to enjoy being covered in it from head to toe with the manure. With pleasure she massaged her pussy and also fingered herself. But then she remembered that there was still a dildo hanging above. Betty grabbed and pushed the dildo in with pleasure in her wet pussy, until she got a wild orgasm. Time flew by and she had to go to another appointment, so Betty grabbed her clothes and got dressed again.. But then she remembered that she still had to sign, since everything was fine with the shower, then she went on her way.


Betty’s new video includes her getting showered with cow dung consistently hit by large patches which are dripping down from the pipe. She’s getting completely covered in the warm manure while playing around and masturbating in it. For all fans of Betty and lovers of sploshing this video will be a feast.

Inspector betty showered with cow dung trailer

Third year anniversary sale

We’ve changed our sale discounts, from now on untill the 6th July 2022 (00:00 CET) you will receive a 35 % discount on everything. The Bulk discount also changed. You will now get for the third Item you have in your cart additional 10 %. So with 3 items in your cart you have a combined discount of 45 %.

If you have coupons or discount codes from us, you can use them, however then the sale won’t apply. Both cannot be combined. Also the discounts to not work on auction items.

here are some products which are currently on sale

12,99 24,99 
39,99 49,99 
18,99 28,99 
17,99 31,99 

Our latest releases

26,99 36,99 
26,99 36,99 
28,99 38,99 
16,99 24,99 
18,99 28,99 

Anniversary auction

Here’s a list of what items are on auction and what time they and. They will all end on the 5th July at 20:00 (MEST)

Shower Dildo 20:00
Mud Lake Corncob 20:05
Mud Lake sport shorts 20:10
Mud Lake Pink Crop Top 20:15
Mud Lake Pink Bikini panty 20:20
Mud Lake Pink Bikini top 20:25
Mud and Manure double dildo 20:30
Mud and Manure Blue lace panty 20:35
Shower Bikini 20:40
Mud and Manure Yoga Pants 20:45
Mud and Manure Blue lace bra 20:50
Mud and Manure Sport shirt 20:55
check the auction out

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