Gossip Girl Out Now!


A new video from Lyndra Lynn, “Gossip Girl” is 44 minutes long and available in Full HD & Ultra HD

Summary of Gossip girl

Lyndra Lynn is a bit lost on the farm, as she enters the cowshed she sees something weird. She get’s closer and trips and falls in the the heap of cow dung. In this video she’s wearing some nice elegant clothes:

  • Falls in the cow dung heap and gets covered in it. 
  • First she’s disgusted by it but then starts to like the creamy feeling
  • Begins to cover her shoes and legs with cow dung.
  • Undresses and slides in to the manure channel
  • Sensually begins to smear her breasts
  • Starts sucking the dildo from the fuckmachine
  • Getting fucked in various positions by the fuckmachine
  • Submerges in the manure channel and takes cow dung in her mouth
  • A heavy and nice orgasm on the cow dung heap while getting pounded hard by the fuckmachine
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Gossip Girl Lyndra Lynn Trailer

Full Video description

Gossip Girl Lyndra was walking around and got lost in the cowshed. She was pretty disgusted with what she saw and took pictures of the place to post. However, she slipped and fell full tilt into the manure pile. She couldn’t believe it, her nice brand of clothes, covered in cow dung? She tried to get up again but fell right back in. She tried to clean herself up, but somehow Lyndra realized how it had turned her on. She took off her pants and got into the manure channel, played around with the cow manure and even took some of it in her mouth then she grabbed the fuckmachine and she starts to get fucked by it in various different positions.. But that was not enough for her. So she pulled the fucking machine over to the manure pile and let herself be fucked on it. She screamed with pleasure as the fuckmachine pounds her from behind.. She got into the manure channel again and took a lot of cow dung into her mouth to play around with it with her tongue. Now she was also completely submerged in the manure channel and enjoyed her time in it. But she realized that she took too long to only make “a few pictures” and grabbed her clothes and walked out of the cowshed.

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