Dirty Nylon Fun Out Now!


Bettys and Scati Owns new Video “Dirty Nylon Fun” is now out of Early Acces and available for everyone.

Summary of Dirty Nylon Fun

Betty and Scati Own are wearing their favourite nylon pieces:

  • Betty fisting Scati Own in various positions
  • Betty peeing on him
  • Fingering and fisting his asshole while giving him a blowjob
  • Both covering themselves with cow dung
  • Both climb together in the manure channel
  • Scati Own fingering and fisting Bettys pussy
  • Sex in reverse cowgirl
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Dirty Nylon Fun Trailer

Full Video description

Betty and Scati Own together in the cowshed, both wear their favourite nylon. Betty begins to finger and fist Scati Own. Then Betty gives him a nice blowjob, while she also begins to finger and fist his ass. Both go into the manure channel to cover themselves even more with cowshit. Betty sits on the edge while Scati Own fist and fingers her. Now both climb out of the manure channel, while Betty is rolling up a dung ball to push it in her pussy, Scati Own pees in her mouth. Betty now begins to ride Scati Own in reverse cowgirl. After he finished fucking her, he lays down again, so Betty can suck his cock and fist him, till he shoots out his load. At the end both go back into the manure channel to cool off a bit, Betty even jumps in it with a loud splash.

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