Cow Slurry Date in Latex out now with auction


A new fetish couple video from Betty. In her new 49 minutes long video she meets with her date in the cowshed for some very messy time. Also her dress and toys she used during the video are also up for auction.

The video is also now available for purchase or for all of our subsriber on our DarkFans profile which you can find here.

More information and the trailer at the end of this post.

Summary of Cow Slurry Date in Latex

Betty is sitting at the edge of the manure channel, wearing a red vinyl dress, bra and a mathing panty with some transparent high heels: 

  • Covers herself and her date in cow dung
  • Gives him a blowjob
  • Gets fucked in various positions, Doggystyle, cowgirl, missionary
  • Stuffes her pussy with a dung ball
  • Uses her anal plugs
  • submerges completely in the manure in the manure channel
  • Fingering and fisting (both him and her)
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Cow Slurry Date in Latex Trailer

Full Video description

Betty was dreaming and played around with the cow shit. At some point someone called for her,, but she was so dreamy that she didn’t notice it. Steven came and sat down with Betty, and the two began to smear each other with cow shit. Betty started to lick and suck his cock, but she needed to pee, so she climbed over his head and peed all over him. Betty needed more, she climbed in the Manure Channel where she continued in sucking his cock. Steven now joined her in the manure channel and both got neck-deep in it. Betty climbed out and sat on the edge of the manure channel so he could finger her pussy. When he was done fingering, Betty had an idea, so she took a handful of cow dung and formed it into a dungball. She squeezed and pressed the cow dung until it was the perfect shape to disappear into her pussy. She also fisted it so that it was nice and deep inside and then squeezed the dungball out. Betty was of course still very horny and because of that Steve fucked her hard. But Steven had to go now so Betty was alone and could finally relax a bit in the cow shit. After some time she cleaned herself a bit and got out too.

Bettys new auctions

As always, we’ve a auction ready for “Cow Slurry Date in Latex”

Here’s a list of what items are on auction and what time they end. They will all end on the 13th November starting at 20:00 (MEST)

Betty’s Red Vinyl Dress 20:00
Betty’s Red Vinyl Bra 20:05
Betty’s Red Vinyl Panty 20:10
Betty’s Transparent High Heels 20:15
Betty’s Anal Plugs 20:20
check the auction out

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