Christy Ley in the Manure Pit Out Now!


We’ve a new Girl and a new location for you. In Christy Ley’s first 38 minutes long Video she tries out the large manure pit. As always the videos is available in Full HD and Ultra HD and of course, we also have an auction, you can read more about the auction here.

Also a new video of myself in the manure pit, more information and the trailer at the end of this post.

Summary of Christy Ley in the manure pit

It’s Christy Ley’s first time with cow dung and in manure. So her video is quite special because it’s also a new location (The manure pit from “Manure Pit Anniversary”. Here are a few scenes from her video.

  • Smearing cow dung on her hot body
  • Using the bucket to pour dung over herself
  • daning in the manure
  • masturbating multiple times with multiple orgasm

Christy Ley in the manure pit Trailer

Full Video description

It’s Christy Ley’s first time in the large manure pit outside of the cowshed. She was on her way to fill some cow dung into the bucket for the garden. She climbs down the ladder and takes a first step into the manure pit. It’s deeper as she thought, her wellies fill with cow dung. She likes the creamy feeling on her feet and legs. She wades through the creamy manure to go to the pipe which connects to the cowshed, where all the cow dung is coming from. She fills a bit in her bucket and pours it over herself. She wades back to the ladder and begins to undress. She covers herself more and more and smears everything on her beautiful body. Christy Ley now leans back on the ladder and starts to masturbate her pussy for the first time. It doesn’t take long for her to reach the first orgasm. In total she has 4 overwhelming orgasms in the manure pit. In between she smears everything around her body and even dances a little bit while being knee deep in the cow dung. After she’s finished, she climbs back out of the manure pit while being completely naked and covered in cow dung.

Franky in the manure pit Trailer

Full Video description

I’m back at the Manure Pit. The last time I’ve visited the Manure Pit was 2020. After a long working day I finally wanted to relax. I start by walking to the pipe from where the manure arrives from the cowshed to look for Lyndra Lynn’s dildo which she previously lost there. I couldn’t find it so I started to have fun without it. I begin with covering myself with the creamy cow dung and swimming around in it. I jerk off in various locations and also finger my asshole. While I pour the bucket full of cow dung over myself. At the end Lyndra Lynn finishes me with a really nice blowjob.

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