Betty’s Manure Gulag released and Betty’s Auction


Betty is finally back. We shot our first gangbang together with Betty and three other men. You are in for real treat. You can read down below the video description and also watch the trailer. 

The Video is 58 Minutes long and has a lot of variety. It’s as always available in Full HD & Ultra HD. We also have again Betty’s clothes, which she wore during the shoot, on auction for everyone who wants a unique piece from the video. The Auction’s will all end on the 5th September 2021. Futher down there’s a list for the specific times when each item will end.

Betty's manure gulag

In our first Gangbang Betty is led by two men into her own Manure Gulag. With one man already waiting in the deep manure channel. She begins to suck both men off while one is pissing in her mouth. After they get horny enough, Betty lies down on the grid floor so one of the men can relieve himself into Bettys mouth. She swallows some while smearing the remaining mess on her face while the other guy covers nearly her complete body. He begins to please Betty with his fingers and they exchange dirty brown kisses. Of course also Betty has to relieve herself, which she also swallows with a smile on her face. Now the oldest of the three men emerges from the manure channel and also wants his piece of Betty. He enjoys himself pleasing Betty oral while she sucks one of the guys cock. One guy is now ready to fuck Betty, so he takes her in reverse cowgirl. After that they both join the oldest in the manure channel where they blow the younger ones cock and cover themself with cow dung. All four of them are now in the manure channel where they cover themself even more, Betty kisses them and blows everyones cock. After they get out one of the guys empties his bladder for nearly one minute straight and gives Betty a really good shower. They begin fucking Betty in missionary and doggystyle while she gives one guy a blowjob. They get back into the manure channel where Betty gives a really nice blowjob till one of the guys shoots his massive load on Bettys face. They now cover Betty completely and are pushing her down as deep as they can. Betty had enough fun, so they put back the gridded floor over her.


Betty's Manure Gulag trailer

Betty's gangbang auction

Betty's auction times

All items will end on the 5th September 2021. Here are the specific times all times are in 24h format and are CET time.

Betty’s Fishnet stockings 20:10
Betty’s Booty harness 20:20
Betty’s Chest harness 20:30
Betty’s Betty’s colar 20:40
Bettys flat ballerinas 20:50
Betty’s Wetlook body 21:00

Lyndra Lynn's Auctions relisted

We’ve relisted some of Lyndra Lynn’s auctions from her shooting on the cow pasture. The auctions will also end on the 5th September 2021.

Lyndra Lynn's auction times

Here are the times for Lyndra Lynn’s auctions. The time format is also 24h and the time zone is also CET.

Handbag 20:00
Panties 20:10
Sandals 20:20
White lace socks 20:30
Clear dildo 20:40
Magic wand 20:50
Blue dress 21:00

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