Bettys Favourite Workout out now and auction started


We’ve another video for you with the beautiful Betty. Bettys Favourite Workout is 43 minutes long and features a lot of stuff we like from Betty. We also have Bettys clothes and toys again on auction for anyone who wants a unique piece from her. More information about the auction is at the end of this news post.

Bettys favourite workout

Betty has one single favourite workout which is at the same time a spa treatment for her. She visits her favourite location where she always exercises to stay fit. She’s wearing her comfy sportswear for her workout.

She enters the cowshed and does some leg stretches, after she’s warmed up she’s ready for the real workout. She approaches the manure channel and sits on the edge of it and begins to dip her white sneakers in it. She grabs some of the creamy cow dung and smears it on her body to get covered bit by bit. After she has applied a nice layer of cow dung, she slowly glides waist deep into the manure channel.

Betty now begins to undress herself, first her sneakers, then her pants and panty and finally her top and bra. Betty takes a nice dip so she’s completely covered to the neck. After that she climbs out and reaches over to the wheelbarrow to grab one of the dildos in there. She doesn’t hesitate and gets right to it. She pushes the dildo right in to her pussy and start fucking it while her pussy and dildo is covered in cowdung. She starts sucking the dildo while she pushes some cow dung into her pussy. She begins to masturbate while pushing out some of the manure from her pussy, while also stuffing it back in again.

After she’s stuffed her pussy enough, she grabs the long black dildo to fuck her pussy again. Betty gets back into the manure channel again, but this time with her toy, so she can lay in there completely covered while fucking her nice pussy. She gets out of the channel again to fuck her pussy in various positions with some more pussy stuffing and peeing. After that she submerges completely in the manure channel so she’s completely covered from head to toe. Betty covers herself more and more and also masturbates quicker and quicker till she reaches a nice orgasm. Now her workout is done, she grabs the bathrobe and walks out of the cowshed. Until next time.

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Bettys Favourite Workout trailer

Bettys favourite workout auction

Auction times

All items will end on the 21th December 2021. Here are the specific times all times are in 24h format and are CET time.

Realistic XL Dildo 20:00
Long Anal Dildo 20:10
Sportswear Top 20:20
Sportswear Pants 20:30
Sport Bra 20:40
Thong Panty 20:50
White sneakers 21:00



Squid Game Manure Auction items

1 thoughts on “Bettys Favourite Workout out now and auction started

  1. Shouldercrest says:

    This is going to be thrilling.
    I like the concept of these auctions with the clothes and toys of the actors – maybe a little extra vacuum pack of the shit of the actors from the movies would be nice to :-D. A lot of people would definitely find that very sexy as a complementary thing and a thing you could buy also (depending on how much shit they can produce of course).
    Kind regards,

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