Bettys Favourite Workout on Manureporn


As a pre release, before the video will be released here on ManureFetish, we also have the next solo video with Betty, exclusive on ManurePorn in the VoD stream.

Betty's Favourite Workout

You wonder what Betty’s favorite workout is? Of course the one with liquid manure! Betty wears her blue workout outfit to completely mess it with cow dung. She first warms up a bit with some stretching. Then she goes to the slurry channel to train her legs a bit. In the manure channel she takes everything off to have more space to play. Betty lubricates and stuffs her pussy with cow dung. She then reaches for the wheelbarrow to take a fat dildo out. After Betty had enough fun with the fat dildo, she takes it in her mouth and sucks it off. But that is not enough for Betty. She then reaches for the long black one with the nubs. As a short break, she cools off in the deep manure channel by completely submerging for the first time. When she emerges from the channel she has the urge to pee and squirt. After she had some more fun, she submerges again completely in the manure channel. When she reaches her climax, her workout is done, she cleans herself off a bit and then puts on a bathrobe and walks away, from her favourite workout place.

Betty's Favourite Workout

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