40 % Sale ending today christy leys video on darkfans

Sale is ending today

Our sale is ending today! At 23:59 CEST

20 % discount on nearly every product. But that is not all, you will receive a bulk discount for each additional product you add to your shopping cart.

For the second product you will receive additional 10 %

For the third product you will receive additional 20 %

These discounts stack with the base sale discount. For example if you have two items in your cart you will receive 30 %, for the third item a total of 40 % applied to the whole cart.

If you have coupons or discount codes from us, you can use them, however then the sale won’t apply. Both cannot be combined. Also the discounts do not work on auction items.

Sales Trailer

Christy Ley in the manure pit on darkfans

Christy Ley in the manrue pit is now also available on our darkfans profile for all of our subscribers.

Christy Ley in the maure pit trailer

One thought on “40 % Sale ending today christy leys video on darkfans

  1. Valkyrie says:

    I hope Christy will be doing many more shoots for you in this manure pit, especially full submersion like Lyndra just did! This is amazing!

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